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Are You Eligible for
Social Security Disability?


How Social Security defines the word “disability”

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What is the Disability program?


What is the SSI program?

How do I Apply for Disability?


Applying for Disability by Phone


Applying for Disability online


What to say to the Social Security operator when you call

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Documents You Will Need When You Apply


Understanding Social Security’s Disability claim forms


Proving your disability - how to speak Social Security’s language

Strategies for Winning


Winning by Meeting a Listing

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Winning by Proving Limited Capacity to Function


Winning by Meeting a “Grid Rule”


Specific Medical Conditions - Case Strategies

Appealing a Denial


How do I Appeal a Denial?

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Appealing on Time - Within the 60 day Deadlines


Are there “magic words” that will result in a fast victory?

Hiring a Disability Lawyer


Does It Cost Anything to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer?

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At What Point Should I Hire a Lawyer?


Where Do I Find an Experienced Disability Lawyer?

Benefits for a Disabled Person’s
Spouse and Children


How Much Can my Husband or Wife Recover if I Win?

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How Much Do My Kids Get if I Win?

Widow’s Benefits

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Can I Collect on my Deceased Spouse’s Record?

Workers Comp issues

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How Does Workers’ Comp Affect My Case?

Long Term Disability


How Does my LTD Policy Affect My Disability Case?

Collecting Medical Records

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How Do I Request my Medical Records


How Do I Send my Medical Records to Social Security?

Proving Pain in a Disability Case

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How Do I Prove to Social Security that I am in Pain?


What Evidence Will Support my Claim of Pain?

How Long Will it Take?

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How Long am I Going to Have to Wait for My Disability Case to be Decided?


Is There Anything I Can Do to Speed Up the Process?

Disability Hearings


What Do I Have to Say at my Hearing?

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What Should I Wear to My Hearing?


What are Typical Mistakes that I Should Avoid?

Overpayment Issues

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Social Security says they Overpaid Me - What Can I Do?

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